Novel Protein Diets for Dogs: What You Need To Know

what are novel proteins

Novel protein diets have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. A novel protein diet for canines is often more nutritious than traditional meat-based kibble because they contain additional animal or plant proteins. They also tend to be less allergenic than many commercial dry dog foods, which can cause […]

What Is Hydrolyzed Dog Food?

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Hydrolyzed diets for dogs If you have a dog, you may be all too familiar with the itching and scratching of allergies. A hydrolyzed protein diet can help reduce allergy symptoms by providing protein in smaller particles that are easier to digest. These foods also provide nutrients for your pup’s skin and coat while improving […]

Fish-Based Diets for Dogs: What You Need to Know

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Fish-Based Diets for Dogs: What You Need to Know Dogs are not just man’s best friend. They’re also our furry little co-workers. Dogs need to stay active and healthy in order to be the most productive members of your team. Gone are the days when dogs were relegated to a life on a farm or […]

Skin care diets for dogs

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Skin Care Diets for Dogs: Which One is Best? Skin care for dogs can be a sensitive topic. Some people are not willing to spend the money on it or don’t know what’s best. There are many different skin diets out there that all have their pros and cons, but which one is the best? […]

What Are The Best Dry Dog Foods for Large Breed Dogs

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The Best Dry Dog Foods for Large Breed Dogs Like humans, dogs can be picky eaters. They have a wide variety of taste buds, and some like certain flavors while others don’t care for the same food. It can be challenging to find dry dog foods that you know your dog will enjoy. But if […]

Best Affordable Dog Food For Bulldogs

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When searching for affordable dog food for bulldogs, you may be surprised to learn you don’t have to spend a lot of money to properly nourish your

Best Affordable Dog Food For Beagles

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Best affordable dog food for beagles Beagles are happy-go-lucky dogs. They’re gentle, intelligent, and even-tempered, which are the perfect characteristics for a hunting dog that can also be gentle family pets. A Beagle is also loyal to its owners, so when you go hunting, you can always count on your Beagle to have your back. […]