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What’s Covered in this Article:

We know that there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the best cat food for your feline friend.

With so many brands on the market, how do you know which one is right? And with such a wide variety of products, what is even considered “the best?”

We’re here to help! The Pet Food Patrol team has reviewed some of the most popular cat foods on the market and we’ve compiled our findings in this article.

Read below for summaries and reviews for each product, complete with pros and cons so you can make an informed decision about which food would be best suited for your pet’s needs.

What to look for in cat food?

There are some key things to look for when choosing cat food.

First, you want it to be high quality and safe with no preservatives or animal byproducts. Reading nutrition labels can quickly determine whether you’re feeding your cat a quality product or a low-quality one.

Additionally, you want it to be affordable and available at your local grocery store. You don’t want to have to order cat food online! There are also some more specific considerations for kittens versus older cats, or pregnant kitties versus nonpregnant kitties.

Another consideration when purchasing cat food is the protein content. The protein content should be carefully considered because cats need a certain amount of protein in their diet on a daily basis.

Dry cat foods are generally better for cats because they don’t contain the high levels of moisture that wet food has. Wet cat foods have more water content, which can create issues such as urinary tract infections. Cats should also be fed a few different brands so their diet stays diverse and they aren’t eating the same thing every day!

The best brands of cat food

We review the best cat foods so you don’t have to waste time searching. We’ve got everything from reviews, analysis of ingredients, expert opinions about brands, and more! No matter if you’re looking for wet or dry cat food in various

After evaluating several types of cat food, we’ve come up with a list of “the best” to save you the time and headache of sorting through them yourself.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite cat foods below:

Cats in the Kitchen: The ingredients are organic and human edible, meaning you can eat it too if you want! Plus, they have cat food for every type of kitty – from kitten to senior citizen.

Wellness Core: When consumers asked, “what is the best wet food for cats,” this brand often makes the but as one of the best cat foods on the market. Wellness Core is all-natural with no artificial colors or preservatives. This cat food contains 95% Organic Ingredients with no artificial colors or preservatives. Additionally, it’s made in the USA.

Some other notable top-rated cat food brands include:

  • Friskies
  • Purina One
  • Fancy Feast

Pros and cons of feeding your pet raw meat or fish instead of dry kibble

A common question consumers ask is “what are the pros and cons of feeding your cat raw meats and proteins, like fish, versus a dry kibble. In our review of several products, we find that the pros of feeding a raw diet are increased live enzymes, improved digestion through natural preen oil and essential fatty acids, reduced shedding due to higher moisture content in food. The cons of feeding your cat this way is it can be more time-consuming for you (we recommend about 30 minutes per day) and potentially costlier than just stopping dry kibble altogether.

We recommend feeding your cat a mixture of raw meats and dry kibble. This will provide the benefits that come with both types of food while reducing any downsides to each type. We can also make our own recommendations for you based on what we know about your cat’s health goals or allergies!

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